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Designing Data: Information's Artistic Side

The list highlights Singapore and Copenhagen for seamlessly leveraging data about citizen use into a more elegant city; the Houston Ballet, High Museum in Atlanta, and New York City Opera for creating smarter, more intuitive public spaces based on analytics; Qatar and the Singapore Airport for showing how technology can define architecture; and three other entities that have opened up a once-locked world of data to build everything from zoo habitats to zoning codes that no longer rely on “guesswork,” as Wood says. “All institutions that dwell in the area of the way we live are being marked by the use of software to make decisions previously done primarily by instinct,” Wood says

Architecture » Material Focus: Straw Bales

by Diana Budds When it comes to ecologically minded building materials, straw bales are among the kindest (they involve repurposing waste material from the grain growing industry). And lest you fear the outcome of the Three Little Pigs fairy tale, rest assured that when done correctly straw bale homes are structurally sound. Beginning with the "Gotta Bale" story from our October 2012 issue, and ending with an off the grid Bluff, Utah, home, we've rounded up five modern homes constructed from straw

Architecture » Cut it Out: The Work of Lisa Iwamoto

by Joanne Furio It’s not hyperbole to say that Lisa Iwamoto has written the book on digital fabrication. Published by Princeton Architectural Press, Digital Fabrications: Architectural and Material Techniques (2009), an industry best seller, reveals that she is both an expert and a practitioner of the technique, along with her husband, Craig Scott. The two have been partners in the San Francisco architectural firm IwamotoScott for the past 12 years.

Outside » Brooklyn Botanic’s New ‘Do

by Kelsey Keith Last week, as spring's balmy temperatures took a temporary dip into glacier territory, the two founding partners of architecture and urbanism firm Weiss/Manfredi led a hard hat tour of their new visitors center at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (opening in a mere six weeks!). Luckily, magnolias and cherry trees were already in bloom and a bright sun illuminated the mostly-transparent structure. The deceptively modest structure is nestled into a hill on the northeast corner of the site, so 50 percent of its envelope benefits from thermal efficiency.

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