Client WITHHELD Date DESIGN - 2016. CONSTRUCTION - 2017.

There was a long pause when we presented this project to our client for the first time.  After all, the only thing he asked for was a "cool, red, kind of contemporary carriage house for my farm".  There is something we feel that is equal parts nervous energy and exhilarating when a client gives us carte blanche to create a design (creatively speaking.  There was a budget, of course).  Yet there we were with the drawings and 3D printed model on the table.  After the long pause (OK, it probably wasn't THAT long) he said "I think...  I think I really, really like it".  Phew.

The design approach was based on axis established for the future use of the land, and positioned to stand confidently in the middle of dozens of acres with extremely high visibility from the road.  The charcoal accents were incorporated to tame the redness, but only a little.  The building program is relatively simple (open entertaining spaces, private sleeping spaces, covered balcony with panoramic views), with one major exception:  The Play Hill.  With a young family, and practically unlimited soil/land to work with, we integrated a play hill into the side of the building for sledding, climbing, rolling, or whatever else the kids can imagine.  The top of the hill is accessible from the upper balcony, and not only will provide a fun feature into the building, but also provides a unique visual connection to the land.  The tiered planters climb the side of the building also, and when full, will provide a visual of foliage climbing the building as well.

So there you go.  Dory Azar Architect's "cool, red, carriage house".


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