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People in Glass Houses: The Legacy of Joseph Eichler

People in Glass Houses: The Legacy of Joseph Eichler Luanne Bradley Procurers of these 20th-century inside-outside, flat-roofed dwellings are referred to as Eichler-holics who won’t live anywhere else. Realtor-turned-filmmaker Monique Lombardelli brings their experience home while shedding light on a Northern California architectural movement in her new documentary, People in Glass Houses: The Legacy of Joseph Eichler .   “One reason why I respect him so much is how he changed the game completely,” Lombardelli says in describing the 11,000 airy dwellings the former dairy salesman erected, the majority in the San Francisco Bay Area aided by A

101 » Edit Your Life

by Dan Maginn Good Small Spaces start with Good Small Occupants. Now, it could be that you’re one of the few who are hardwired to live compactly

Product Spotlight » Shedding a New ‘Lightt’ on Photography

by Skylar Bergl The new app Lightt puts a spin on sharing your life moments. By capturing short video clips and highlights, it mixes short video clips into highlight reels

Product Spotlight » Glasscape by Aruliden

by Diana Budds With Glasscape, New York product design consultancy Aruliden transforms the traditional fishbowl into an attractive abode for piscine pets. This handsome hand-blown glass piece features a mountain-like form that provides a unique focal point.

Blog » Democratic Design: The Work of Le Van Bo

by Caia Hagel Van Bo Le-Mentzel arrived on the shores of Germany as a young refugee from Laos.